Three SNH48 Dance Covers

I want to keep things on track here.

Xu Han, Xu Yang Yuzhuo, and Yang Huiting doing a dance cover of “Melody Line.” SNH48 members often record themselves doing videos like this. There is the Friend Circle of those three plus Zhang Xin and Wang Lu, so let’s just assume the missing two both filmed and edited the video. The editing is out of control and ridiculous so I hope it wasn’t Zhang Xin who did it!

Is this a dance video or a Disney World advert?

I love all of the outdoor backgrounds in this video. And then, there’s the SNH48 info desk. The best part is that they wore the most idolish outfits for that part. Great job advertising! I watched this three times to watch each member and Xu Yang Yuzhuo is my favorite throughout it. Xu Han almost trips at 2:09. Turtle too slow.

Two more Team HII members dancing to vocaloid. This time, Chen Yixin and Li Doudou covering “Pink Stick Luv.” This one is a lot cuter. I can’t choose between the two based on who is cuter. So I’m just gonna say that Doudou was since we both have dimples.

This part was my favorite:

Maybe it’s because I post a bit too much over at Shanghai48s, but I forget some things like who members are close friends with each other. There’s a lot of Yixin/Doudou interaction throughout their time in HII, but this photoset is really nice. I particularly like the photo with the rusted door that they are both looking out of. I also forgot about their failed attempted to stack cups.

This is just so cute. The dance moves are kind of silly but that makes it better. Her outfit here is just perfect. My favorite part:

Yi Jiaai has done plenty of these dance videos and they are all great. There are lots of other Jiaai dance covers, such as “Ai Kotoba II,” “Gravity=Reality,” and one she did at an anime convention.

Jiaai’s dance video got me searching around for other videos of her. Check out her performance of an original song that she wrote called “Gei Ni (To You)”:

This was during her birthday stage. Along with the dancing and cuteness, she’s definitely one of the better singers of the group. After this, she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite NII and overall members of SNH48.


OTNK MV was released and BiSH is the BeST

It was just before 7AM EST and I was very tired. Jo and I had spent the last few hours talking about SNH48 and coming up with our Dream Teams. We knew that there was going to be a BiSH announcement and we were just trying to pass the time until the moment came.

About five minute before the announcement:


Now the redacted statement was definitely not about my two new favorites of SNH48. At this point, we were expecting like a tracklist or CD jackets. But I was (and still am) very tired, so I figured to go for glory..


Ignore her keyboard malfunctioning, it does that every time that we talk about SNH48.

Sure enough, it WAS the new music video, as we freak out:


You want to know why we were freaking out? Because BiSH is the greatest idol group today.

It’s so good! Just look a the splash image. You know it’s something that’s going to be amazing.

The song has some really awesome violins that make it sound like it’s coming from the land of my potatoes.  I normally don’t like songs that have these kind of heavy guitars but the soft backing vocals contrast to it so nicely. The dancing is charming and BiSH definitely have their own style when it comes to dances already.


At 2:24, the two new members, Atsuko and Lingling, get their own solo parts during the chorus. I like the song of both of their voices already, but I’m leaning towards Lingling as my favorite. Her voice is really unique. Plus, she’s really cute in this whole video but especially during this part (if not a little creepy).

BiSH_OTNK[OFFICIAL VIDEO]-BpLLKM_3ebk.mkv-0010 BiSH_OTNK[OFFICIAL VIDEO]-BpLLKM_3ebk.mkv-0009After a lot of interesting underwater scenes and banquet scenes, they end up getting attacked by a giant crab.

BiSH_OTNK[OFFICIAL VIDEO]-BpLLKM_3ebk.mkv-0011BiSH_OTNK[OFFICIAL VIDEO]-BpLLKM_3ebk.mkv-0004And then they blow up said crab at the end.

BiSH_OTNK[OFFICIAL VIDEO]-BpLLKM_3ebk.mkv-0006The song is fantastic. The music video is interesting and fun. I might edit this later but all I can say right now is that BiSH is one of the best idol groups today. If you are holding anything about them because you really liked BiS or something, just put that behind you. This group is awesome in its own way.

Keep an eye on jpopsongs.tumblr.com/BiSH for lyrics/romanization as I’m sure Jo will be at it soon.

In about 20 or so hours time, BiSH has a concert that’s going to stream on Nicovideo. Go sign up, get some sleep, and wake up to watch it. I know I will be watching it.


This Chelip Fan

One of my favorite aspects of idol fancams has nothing to do with the idols themselves or the actual performance. It’s watching everything that happens around the performing idols. I’ll always remember the fancams of Jewel Kiss from years ago; when they had the same 5-6 fans (and only those 5-6 fans) showing up. It got to the point where I could say I had a favorite Jewel Kiss Fans member when I didn’t even have a favorite member of the group itself! I hope you are doing well, Purple Shirt. If it’s a mall or outdoors performance, I love watching the passerbys and their looks of either casual interest, confusion, and/or disgust. If there is a good view of the crowd, and it’s not Tokyo Idol Festival, you can watch them having lots of fun with unique performances and chants of their own.

I am subscribed to several YouTube channels that are almost exclusively indie idol fancams. A couple of days ago, one of the accounts, d106realcarat posted about twelve videos of this group called Chelip. Looking through their website, they’ve released three singles since 2012, but their Wikipedia page has a record of probably every media appearance they’ve ever done. Apparently they are in an issue of BOMB that I own. I have to go double check that issue since I don’t remember seeing them at all. Anyways, I’m only vaguely familiar with the group, so I wouldn’t sit down and watch all twelve of d106realcarat’s uploads. Instead, I went by the video thumbnails…


A thumbnail like that and you know you are in for a good time.

The song they are performing, “アシンメトリー” is pretty decent. It’s the b-side off of their debut single. I like the dance for this song, particularly the dance break after the second chorus and their hand slap towards the end of the song. But if you don’t want to listen and watch the whole thing, skip to about 4:18 in the video:

It’s so cute and I love how everyone splits down the aisle for it to happen. I can’t tell if the Chelip girls were expecting it. Mayu (left) bugged her eyes out while Mion (right) laughed.

But it gets better! It looks like they had a second appearance on the same day. Again, if you don’t want to watch the whole video, skip to about 4:15:

Two for the price of one!! The woman on the left and her lifter are the pros at this. The guy and his two buddies need more work if they want to compete. Honestly though, this is so silly and cute. How can you not love it?

Seeing a video like this makes a Chelip live look like it is a lot of fun. I wouldn’t want to be one of lifters or liftees myself but I would love to sit back and watch. I’ve looked back through almost every video of this performance on YouTube and I can’t find another that either has the same camera angle or where those fans are doing the lifting. They still have lots of fan interaction throughout this and other songs though. Back in February, the crowd was splitting the aisle for fans to run to the front. If you do click that link, I really like the outfits that they are wearing for that day’s show.

They also seem to have a few regular female fans besides Lift Queen. Always cool to see.

I think I might follow Chelip’s activities after watching these videos. They do have a member named Mion and these days I seem to be following every single idol named Mion. I hope they get more popular so they can get invited to, and then subsequently banned from, Tokyo Idol Festival for such reckless behavior.


Fantasy TIF2015 Schedule

I’ve been talking to a few friends about what would be the best way to get back into blogging. I think the best way might be to just start doing it again and worry later. Thus, this entry!

Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 takes place this weekend. I won’t be going but on Saturday I will be watching it via Showroom.

I was talking to Jo earlier and I believe her every waking thought for the last month has been about Tokyo Idol Festival. That and Instagram dogs. Anyways, she told me to make a fake schedule if I were to go to TIF2015. Now, none of this is realistic as I would have to have the power of teleportation to warp from one stage to the next. Still, it was fun deciding between which idol groups I’d rather see if given the chance.

Day One:
10:00-10:20 Lovely Doll
10:20-10:40 Dorothy Little Happy
10:40-10:55 The World Standard
11:00-11:20 iRis
11:30-11:45 Kotone Mai
11:45-12:00 Babyraids Japan
12:05-12:20 Puti Passo
12:20-12:45 Magical Dreamin
12:55-13:20 callme
13:25-13:45 Dianna Sweet
13:55-14:15 Doll Elements
14:15-14:30 Hakoiri Musume
14:30-14:45 Idol Renaissance
14:45-15:00 Terashima Yufu
15:15-15:35 Idol College
15:40-15:55 BiSH
15:55-16:10 PiiiiiiiN
16:10-16:25 LinQ
16:25-16:40 Re:Girls
16:40-17:00 Stereo Japan
17:00-17:10 Cupitron
17:20-17:35 palet
17:40-17:55 La Pompon
17:55-18:25 Cheeky Parade
18:30-18:45 Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome
18:45-19:00 predia
19:00-19:15 Yoshida Rinne
19:35-19:50 Shinozaki Ai
20:00-20:20 Kotone Mai
20:20-20:50 PASSPO
21:00-21:20 Akishibu Project
21:20-21:40 Houkago Princess
21:40-22:20 BiSH

Day 2
09:50-10:10 Kobushi Factory
10:10-10:25 La Pompon
10:40-11:20 HKT48
11:35-11:55 Bellring Girls Heart
12:10-12:25 GEM
12:35-12:50 NEO From Idoling!!
12:55-13:10 Kotone Mai
13:15-13:35 Yoshida Rinne
13:40-13:55 predia
13:55-14:10 Yumemiru Adolescence
14:30-14:45 BiSH
14:55-15:10 Kikkawa Yuu
15:20-15:40 Tochiotome25
15:40-16:00 callme
16:00-16:20 Idol Renaissance
16:20-16:35 nananon
16:35-16:50 Super Girls
16:55-17:20 Tokyo Performance Doll
17:30-17:45 drop
17:45-18:00 BiSH
18:15-18:30 Dorothy Little Happy
18:30-18:45 Dianna Sweet
18:45-19:05 GALETTe
19:05-19:25 You’ll Melt More
19:35-20:00 Negicco
20:25-20:55 Idol Summer Jamboree Encore

It’d never happen but whatever!

Change Worked

Seems like I made the switch from whoissulli to truelifeseek and it went without a hitch. All links seem to work, all redirects from google/idolminded go to the right pages, no image links are broken.

Wasn’t too difficult. Some nginx config changes and a search/replace command through the database.

Only question is if the feeds updated properly. That’s why I’m posting this.

Edit: Seems to work. Update feeds if you want but you shouldn’t have to. Don’t post this on Idolminded Ray!!!