Fantasy TIF2015 Schedule

I’ve been talking to a few friends about what would be the best way to get back into blogging. I think the best way might be to just start doing it again and worry later. Thus, this entry!

Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 takes place this weekend. I won’t be going but on Saturday I will be watching it via Showroom.

I was talking to Jo earlier and I believe her every waking thought for the last month has been about Tokyo Idol Festival. That and Instagram dogs. Anyways, she told me to make a fake schedule if I were to go to TIF2015. Now, none of this is realistic as I would have to have the power of teleportation to warp from one stage to the next. Still, it was fun deciding between which idol groups I’d rather see if given the chance.

Day One:
10:00-10:20 Lovely Doll
10:20-10:40 Dorothy Little Happy
10:40-10:55 The World Standard
11:00-11:20 iRis
11:30-11:45 Kotone Mai
11:45-12:00 Babyraids Japan
12:05-12:20 Puti Passo
12:20-12:45 Magical Dreamin
12:55-13:20 callme
13:25-13:45 Dianna Sweet
13:55-14:15 Doll Elements
14:15-14:30 Hakoiri Musume
14:30-14:45 Idol Renaissance
14:45-15:00 Terashima Yufu
15:15-15:35 Idol College
15:40-15:55 BiSH
15:55-16:10 PiiiiiiiN
16:10-16:25 LinQ
16:25-16:40 Re:Girls
16:40-17:00 Stereo Japan
17:00-17:10 Cupitron
17:20-17:35 palet
17:40-17:55 La Pompon
17:55-18:25 Cheeky Parade
18:30-18:45 Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome
18:45-19:00 predia
19:00-19:15 Yoshida Rinne
19:35-19:50 Shinozaki Ai
20:00-20:20 Kotone Mai
20:20-20:50 PASSPO
21:00-21:20 Akishibu Project
21:20-21:40 Houkago Princess
21:40-22:20 BiSH

Day 2
09:50-10:10 Kobushi Factory
10:10-10:25 La Pompon
10:40-11:20 HKT48
11:35-11:55 Bellring Girls Heart
12:10-12:25 GEM
12:35-12:50 NEO From Idoling!!
12:55-13:10 Kotone Mai
13:15-13:35 Yoshida Rinne
13:40-13:55 predia
13:55-14:10 Yumemiru Adolescence
14:30-14:45 BiSH
14:55-15:10 Kikkawa Yuu
15:20-15:40 Tochiotome25
15:40-16:00 callme
16:00-16:20 Idol Renaissance
16:20-16:35 nananon
16:35-16:50 Super Girls
16:55-17:20 Tokyo Performance Doll
17:30-17:45 drop
17:45-18:00 BiSH
18:15-18:30 Dorothy Little Happy
18:30-18:45 Dianna Sweet
18:45-19:05 GALETTe
19:05-19:25 You’ll Melt More
19:35-20:00 Negicco
20:25-20:55 Idol Summer Jamboree Encore

It’d never happen but whatever!

Change Worked

Seems like I made the switch from whoissulli to truelifeseek and it went without a hitch. All links seem to work, all redirects from google/idolminded go to the right pages, no image links are broken.

Wasn’t too difficult. Some nginx config changes and a search/replace command through the database.

Only question is if the feeds updated properly. That’s why I’m posting this.

Edit: Seems to work. Update feeds if you want but you shouldn’t have to. Don’t post this on Idolminded Ray!!!


BiSH – Spark

Note: After I wrote this post, Yukako Love Deluxe has left the group.

Former brand-new idol society manager, Watanabe Junnosuke, has a new idol project – BiSH. Their debut album will be released on May 27. There is still a lot of information yet to be revealed about the group, but we do know who the members are:

Two versions of their song “SPARK” have been released. One is a demo by Junnosuke himself and then there is a recorded version by the BiSH members.

When I first heard the demo track by Junnosuke, I wondered about what kind of music this guy listened to growing up. When I hear this, I immediately think: the pillows. I’ve searched around his Twitter page and elsewhere to see if he mentions any influences or the music he listened to growing up, but couldn’t find anything. The sounds of the guitar and bass are all there. I’m sure someone could correct me and say “hey, that’s just cause the pillows are just as derivative as so many other bands!” Ok, I get it. I can’t help but make the connection though. Whether it’s legitimately there or not, it’s how I hear it.

Anyways, the demo version of this song is so relaxing and nice to listen to. It makes me want to hear more songs from just this guy, not necessarily anything from BiSH.

BiSH’s version is also nice. I know that the details and information for this group are still somewhat guarded in secrecy, so I’m not sure which member is singing which parts. The member who sings the chorus stands out the most. Although, compared to her, Junnosuke’s singing of the chorus was a bit more polished (which is funny since it’s just the demo version). I still like the wailing in the BiSH version. It’s actually kind of neat to have two different versions like this. Depending on how I feel for that day, I can pick one or the other to listen to.

You can read the romanized lyrics on the J-Pop Songs tumblr.

I don’t follow the post-BiS member activities as much as I should. UK was my favorite member and I’ve listened to a lot of morphine tokyo. Terashima Yufu’s music is probably something that I would be raving about if I would just sit down and listen to it all. Everything else I just pick up from Jo or reading around. April project perhaps? We’ll see…

As for BiSH, it’s all really interesting. Their debut is being built up with little bits of information about the members being released at a time. Even after their reveal their faces, it’ll be interesting to see if they carry on the aesthetic of their current Twitter profiles. I really hope their other songs have a sound that is kind of similar to “SPARK.” As long as they keep that going, I’ll follow along.


AKB48 Spring Shuffle 2015

On March 26, AKB48 held a concert at the Saitama Super Arena which saw the fourth major team shuffle in the group’s history. I’ll only be reacting to a few bits of news. Truthfully, the makeup of the teams only means so much to me. I’m much more interested in the 48 groups as a whole and specific members.

For people that are commited to specific teams, shuffles like this can be really stressful or disappointing. I try to take it all in stride. I always liked the Hello!Project shuffles that happened between 2000 and 2005. This is obviously more permanent (although it’s starting to occur more and more), but I look at it as a fun way to mix things up.


Kawaei Rina Graduating

As most people know, last May, Kawaei Rina, Iriyama Anna, and a staff member were attacked during a handshake event. The attacker was arrested at the scene was recently sentenced to six years in prison after pleading guilty. After that attack, for a time at least, Rina and Anna returned to the group. That is until a few days ago when Kawaei Rina announced her graduation.

One reason that Rina has mentioned for graduating is being unable to “participate in handshake events with fans anymore.” It’s really sad news and I’m gutted for her. But hopefully, graduating from the group will be the best thing for her in her life. Hell, doing handshake events is strenuous and physically exhausting enough as it is. And then you are adding in the memories of that incident on top of that?

She is going to focus on her acting career and hopefully she does well.

I’ve only been a true AKB48 fan since October. I’ll have to watch back to see Rina’s best moments during her time in AKB48 since the only thing that I knew about Rina before the slashing incident was her “smelly feet” gimmick. Watching her perform Watanabe Mayu’s “Rappa Renshuchu”, she does have a charm and cuteness about her.

150327-kitahara-rie 150327-kashiwagi-yuki

Kitahara Rie transfers to NGT48 as Captain. Kashiwagi Yuki concurrent NGT48 position.

This feels like it is good news for Rie. From my understanding, she is a popular member but that popularity was starting to wane. Despite 21 A-side appearances, she hasn’t been featured since “Labrador Retriever.” It’s a chance for her to take on a bigger role in the 48G world. Whether that works out or not, it can’t be all that different from the spot she was in.

As for Yuki, she stays in AKB48 but makes the concurrent switch from NMB48 to NGT48. I wonder what the Shrews Guy thinks of this.

150327-matsui-rena 150327-ikoma-rina

Matsui Rena, Ikoma Rina concurrent positions cancelled.

I enjoyed this exchange so I’m a little disappointed to see it come to an end. Rena fit in well with Nogizaka46 and it was cool to see Nogizaka represented in AKB48. And while Matsui Rena will not be taking part in the election, Ikoma Rina will be eligible.


Matsumura Kaori promoted to Team KII.

First things first, I believe that it’s still unknown whether or not she is going to accept this promotion. I liked the idea of her being the “lifetime honorary Kenkyuusei,” especially since it was her idea. Even as a kenkyuusei, it was an idea/gimmick that worked and helped her stand out. Why change that?

A user, lordnoobs, at stage48 has an interesting theory:

I can’t help but have the feeling that with the recent graduations management feels like ske needs more experienced veteran members to provide leadership.

This would make some sense as SKE48 has seen a lot of graduations recently. And while Matsui Rena is not graduating, recent news of her not participating in the election makes you wonder if her time is coming. Still, couldn’t Kaori have done this as a kenkyuusei member?

150327-kitagawa-ryoha 150327-mukaichi-mion

Kitagawa Ryoha concurrent to Team 4, Mukaichi Mion to Team K.

For a brief moment in time, my two favorite 48G members were on the same team. The five minutes that I saw Ryoha was heading to Team 4 before I saw that Mion was heading to Team K was five minutes that I’ll never forget! I am not especially committed to any specific team or group in 48G but I did enjoy Team 4 the most. It would have been awesome to see these two interact more but I can wait until they are the two absolute centers of AKB48 in a couple of years!


Team 8 members in Teams A, K, and B

One last interesting development is the inclusion of Yamada Nanami (A), Nakano Ikumi (K), and Sakaguchi Nagisa (B) into the AKB48 teams. I’ve always wondered what the future really holds for Team 8. Are they a permanent fixture? Will the popular members of the team be moved into other sections of 48G? I guess I get the beginnings of an answer with this move.

You can read a full list of the changes over on the Stage48 message board.